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The Last Snake Man. . . . NEW!


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Austin J Stevens is the intrepid South African herpetologist and wildlife explorer with an international profile thanks to his successful TV series being shown all around the world.


¥ Stevens is the star of the acclaimed Channel 5 TV series "Austin Stevens Adventures" with over a million regular viewers in the UK
¥ Stevens is a Guinness Book of Records holder having spent 107 days & nights in a cage with 36 venomous snakes for company!
¥Nicknamed "The Snake Man" when he was in the South African Army fighting in Angola, for his ability to remove deadly snakes from the trenches
¥Bitten by a puff adder during his army days which left him in a coma for 5 days, narrowly avoiding having his hand amputated
¥On camera Stevens has narrowly escaped death on numerous
occasions having been bitten by an African snouted cobra, a 20 ft long reticulated python, wrestled a giant anaconda underwater, been chased up a tree by a komodo dragon before leaping from it to escape and nearly stampeded by Namib elephants.
¥Lavish full colour casebound book throughout
¥Featuring over 300 photographs from the Austin Stevens collection

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